Receipt Bank is the easiest app in the world… or is it?

Receipt Bank is the easiest app in the world… or is it?

It’s one of our favorite accounting tools. It makes bookkeeping effortless, keeps our office free of paper, and seamlessly integrates with a whole host of cloud accounting platforms.

And yet, for some reason, many of our clients aren’t using Receipt Bank.

Sure, many of you are downloading it and setting it up, but you’re stopping short of actually using it to improve your record-keeping and streamline your data entry.

That’s why we wanted to show you just how easy Receipt Bank is to use in just three simple steps:


Step 1 – Add It to Your Phone

If you’re anything like us, your smartphone is probably always in your pocket or on your desk. You need to make the most of your phone’s omnipresence by downloading the Receipt Bank app, ready to snap a photo of a receipt or an invoice at a moment’s notice. The app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Step 2 – Upload a Receipt

Now that you’ve downloaded the app, you’re ready to take it for a spin. Tap on the app icon to open it and – once you’ve logged in – simply point your phone’s camera at the receipt you’d like to upload.

Then hit the orange camera icon to capture the receipt, and the green arrow icon to upload its contents to Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank can recognize and extract all sorts of information, including:

  • Item type – e.g. receipt, invoice, credit note, etc.
  • Date
  • Supplier
  • Invoice Number (where applicable)
  • Currency
  • Total
  • Sales Tax – e.g. GST, VAT, TVA, etc.
  • Payment method

Step 3 – Ready for Export

Once the app has finished processing the data, it will transfer it to the ‘Ready for Export’ section of the app’s inbox. From there, you can download the data as a CSV file, or publish it directly to any number of cloud accounting platforms, including Xero,, Workflow Max, Gusto, and more.

After you’ve published or exported your receipt, it will be moved to the ‘Archive’ tab where it’s kept for a minimum of seven years – if you ever require a hard copy in the future, you can print it from there.

And that’s it! No more manual data entry, no more paper cluttering up your desk. The seamless, streamlined automation of Receipt Bank means more time for you to spend on your business.


So, Are You Ready to Start Using Receipt Bank?

Receipt Bank really is the easiest app in the world – and it can transform your bookkeeping habits for the better. If you’re still not sure how to get started, Teamworks can help.

Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly team members.

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