Thinking about setting up Xero yourself? Here’s why we should do it for you…

Thinking about setting up Xero yourself? Here’s why we should do it for you…

The most magical of cloud accounting platforms around today, Xero will completely transform your business. It puts important financial data at your fingertips and gives you the chance to make better, more informed decisions.

It’s also incredibly easy to use.

And we’ve often seen that, with ease of use, clients are all too ready to jump in with both feet and set things up for themselves.

If that sounds like you, then we commend your enthusiasm. But we also want to pull in the reins for a moment and explain why you should leave your Xero setup to Teamworks.

There’s Just So Much…

Xero boasts a comprehensive suite of features that can be overwhelming if not setup right from the start.

From invoicing and purchase orders to bank reconciliations and more dashboards than you can shake a stick at, it can be difficult to know what features you need for your business to flourish.

By working with Teamworks, an accredited Xero Gold Champion Partner, you’ll be set up properly to take advantage of the various features and benefits of the Xero platform. Teamworks will customize your setup to maximize your Xero experience.

Converting is an Opportunity

As with a fresh setup, making the switch to Xero from your existing accounting system gives you a chance to streamline your processes and improve your internal workflows.

By attempting to convert to Xero yourself, you may fall into the trap of trying to create a carbon copy of your dusty old desktop platform or unwieldy spreadsheet.

And that could result in damaging levels of inefficiency, while you may also miss out on the true benefits of introducing Xero to your day-to-day business operations – saving time and money.

Speaking of which…

Cleaning Up Takes Time, and Money

If you do go ahead and set up Xero yourself and you find that it’s not working as required, you’ll probably need to delegate the tidying up of the installation to someone who knows what they’re doing.

And that means more time and money being spent on something that could be working straight off the bat if you’d done that in the first place!

Teamworks is ready to clean up a Xero setup gone awry.

Ready to Set Up Xero? Let Us Help

Don’t run the risk of making a costly mess out of Xero; we can help you get started with the most magical cloud accounting platform so that you and your business reap the rewards from the word go.

Click here to find out more about our Xero setup services, or contact us today to speak with one of our amazing client success team members.

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